As Fresh as it Gets

We believe that everyone should enjoy the unparalleled taste, pride, and satisfaction that food grown at home can bring. Join the Yard-To-Table movement with your own organic food system! Nature Works Organic Land Care will set you up and get you growing with:

-Raised Bed vegetable gardens and berry patches

-Fruit and nut trees

-Beautiful and diverse edible plants in your existing landscape

Our all-organic approach includes the careful design, siting, and combination of edible plants to ensure that your landscape can produce food while looking great.  We focus on building soil health, choosing the right plants for the right place, and maintaining optimum plant structure to create incredible, yard-to-table experiences for our clients.

Raised Bed Gardens

Raised Bed Gardens are a great addition to any property, large or small. We offer standardized and customized layouts, sizes, and solutions for our clients.

Second home-owners and those with busy schedules can rely on our automated irrigation and the reduced pest and weed pressure that raised beds offer to make growing your own vegetables, berries, and flowers a reality.

Raised Gardens Stonework
Fruit and Berries

Home orchards are a valuable addition to your property, and can bring generations of delicious, fresh fruit to your own backyard.


Whether we install a single fruit tree or an entire orchard block, we encourage our clients to consider apples, pears, plums, peaches, and cherries as a valuable long-term addition to their property—and to their quality of life!  

Our raised bed Berry Patches can become a low-maintenance hedge with brilliant autumn foliage and clusters of berries to invite a delicious summer stroll.

Tasteful integration of edible ground covers, woodland understory plantings, and native shrubs can produce stunning flower displays and copious quantities of delicious berries and fruit for you.

Fruit and Berries
Orchard and Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit and nut trees make stunning specimens while also providing healthy, delicious food and inviting shade.

Nature Works offers annual maintenance pruning and deep-root feeding to encourage proper growth, ensuring your trees and bushes provide optimal fruit for you year after year.

Tree Pruning