As we begin our twelfth season offering Organic Lawn Care to our clients, I'm reminded of the importance of avoiding using toxic chemical lawn fertilizers and pesticides in our homes landscapes.

“Of the 36 most commonly used lawn pesticides: 14 are probable or possible carcinogens, 15 are linked with birth defects, 21 with reproductive effects, 24 with neurotoxicity , 22 with liver or kidney damage, and 34 are sensitizers and/or irritants.11.”  Click on this link for more info:

We need to recognize the importance of honoring, connecting and surrounding ourselves with a healthy living environment.  Our home’s landscape is sacred ground. Home is where we go to rest, to heal and to nurture our loved ones and ourselves.

We need to see our outdoor living space as a sanctuary for connecting to the beauty of nature.  A lawn CAN be beautiful without chemicals.  It can be soft, lush, green and safe.  Will there be weeds? Yes, some, but once we recognize the miraculous living system at work all around us, that is the beauty of nature, we can accept the lawn for what it is, and work with the growing conditions to improve the areas of most importance and to reduce maintenance and cost.

When nature is alive and flourishing in your landscape you can really feel it.  There is an energy that's infectious and unmistakable. 

That’s the difference between conventional chemical lawn care and Organic Lawn Care. Acknowledge, connect, and enjoy!