Welcome to the Nature Works Blog. 

Our job is to provide information, inspiration, and innovation about the the world of Ecological Landscaping!  We aim to be your go-to source for both information and all-organic, ecologically-inspired landscaping services.  

Our blog will be written by the Nature Works team, showcasing our diverse backgrounds and commitment to horticulture, ecological design, and landscape construction.  We will also be featuring interviews and articles on clients and community members dedicated to earth-friendly landscaping.  Our aim is to show you what's possible--from formal gardens to wild meadows--when you design with the Earth in mind. 

In subsequent posts, you'll find timely information about what's in bloom, plant profiles covering everything from natives to ornamental specimens, tips for dealing with our challenging weather conditions, pruning guides, and many other informative and engaging topics.  Our Team has some interesting and specialized areas of interest, which is what we hope will make our blog a valuable perspective on the true depth and breadth of the possibilities of Ecological Landscaping.  Upcoming blog posts include topics like:

  • Edibles in the Landscape: integrative design
  • Low Maintenance Design: managing water, growth, and plant communities
  • The history--and Future--of your Lawn
  • Home orcharding: nuts, fruits, and berries
  • Where do Plants Come From: Commercial and Industrial Nursery production
  • Permaculture & Regenerative Agriculture at home
  • Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail--Understanding Landscapes over time
  • Heirloom organic vegetables for our area
  • Water Gardens, innovative water features, and Aquaria
  • Working with Stone: a guide from a veteran tinkerer

We love hearing from you, and we're always happy to field requests on topics for the blog!  Contact us at natureworksorganiclandcare@gmail.com with questions you'd like answered, or topics you'd like to hear from us about.

The Nature Works Team will also regularly post pictures from our work in the field on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  If you like what you see, please take a moment to share with your family, friends, and neighbors--we have a strong work ethic to spread Ecological Landscaping principles because we believe that the more folks learn, the fewer toxic chemicals and the more productive landscapes in the world!

As always--Nature Works is proud to "Bring Life to your Landscape, Naturally."  We are excited to stay in touch through our new media outlets this year, and truly hope we can inspire you, work together, and change the world one landscape at a time.  

All the best,

The Nature Works Team