Your Landscape is an Extension of your Home.

Our highly trained team has decades of experience in all areas of Landscape Construction, from management of large crews to the most detailed finish work.

Nature Works provides highly customized results, utilizing a network of specialized artisans and contractors to turn your unique plan into a reality.


Landscape Design

Our innovative approach to Ecological Landscape Design offers the best of all worlds. With foundations in diverse schools of design, our Design Team skillfully blends ornamental & specimen plants with natives, food plants, and hard-to-find cultivars to compose stunning landscapes that emphasize the unique features of your site, your home, and your personality.

We believe that your landscape is an extension of your home, and a well-designed landscape should offer you daily inspiration everyday and throughout every season. Whether watching the sun set with family and friends over a dinner harvested from your organic vegetable garden, or watching the hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees making a home in your new perennial border, or enjoying the privacy created with a beautiful screening planting, our Ecological Landscape Design Team is committed to fostering a deep connection to nature.

Landscape Design, Stone, Water Fountain
Landscape Installation & Construction

From heavy equipment to hand tools, our staff is experienced, licensed, and efficient through all phases of Landscape Installation & Construction.  We work hard to integrate the principles of Ecological Design into our installations, making the most of site resources, minimizing compaction and erosion, and maximizing the impact and abundance of your landscaping.

Landscape Maintenance

We provide outstanding Landscape Maintenance services for our clients in an ecologically-sound, cost-effective manner.

Nature Works brings a unique combination of whole-project experience to every job, large and small. Our diverse and passionate crew combines their backgrounds in design, equipment operation, horticulture, arboriculture, masonry and carpentry to provide full-service landscape maintenance services.