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Nature Works Organic Land care is a leader in all-Organic Lawn Care.  

We are proud to offer a safe and effective alternative to conventional, chemically-based lawn care programs.  


Organic Lawn Program

Our Organic Lawn Care Program provides complete care for your turf throughout the growing season.  Utilizing our Eco-Compost and a full line of liquid fertilizers, we care for your lawn from the roots up.

We are happy to discuss a Program that fits your needs during a free Lawn Care Consultation.  Contact us to schedule your Lawn Care Consultation, and complete overview of our Organic Lawn Care Package can be found here.

Additional Services

From aeration to overseeding to organic weed control, Natureworks will customize your Organic Lawn Care Package to restore and improve your soils for high-performing, natural lawns.  We continue to assess your lawn throughout the season, and respond to your unique site conditions to create the healthiest, all-Organic lawn for your home.

A complete list of Additional Services can be found here.

Organic Lawn Care  Safe Lawns
Cultural practices

Lush, healthy grass needs ideal growing conditions.  Unfortunately, most lawns are mown far too short, too frequently, and during times of stress.  We will work with you or your lawn mowing company to ensure the best organic practices are followed to produce the best possible lawn.  You can see our complete guide to Lawn Maintenance that supports Organic Management here.

All plants, especially dense monocultures like turf grass, need special attention at different times of year to look and grow their best. You can learn more about Organic Lawn Care through the seasons of the year here.

Compost Top-Dressing