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by Chris Johnson This is a common question from friends and family who wonder why I enjoy manual labor when they see me favoring an injury or the sound of the creaks and cracks that my body makes when I get up. There isn’t a simple answer, I have a bachelors degree, I could have...


The key to pruning, with the wellbeing of plant and people in mind, is both perceptive and insightful observation. Identifying the orientation of a crabapple, for instance, and understanding the importance of a north facing leader; as the plants typical behavior would be to have the most prolific growth reaching for the south or south...


by Matthew Segatti “Perhaps the most radical thing we can do is to stay at home, so we can learn the names of the plants and animals around us; so that we can begin to know what tradition we’re part of.” -Terry Tempest Williams I enjoy my own yard as much as I enjoy a...

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