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September 26, 2017

Fall has now arrived and as I drink my coffee in the morning I watch squirrels moving around at a frantic pace getting ready for winter.  Like squirrels we to seem to adopt this crazy pace after kids are back in school with their activities and with our mental checklists of items that have to...


The season is changing. Walking around nature you may notice a sweet fragrance in the air. Most likely you are standing near a Katsura Tree. Its scent is commonly compared to that of cotton candy or brown sugar and is emitted as its leaves yellow and drop to the ground in the Fall. When my...


There is an extraordinary endeavor underway. Women from all over the world are joining forces to help save our planet. These women are part of an effort that is gaining significant momentum. “TreeSisters” is a grassroots movement that began forming in 2009. It started with one woman and her vision. Today it is a growing...

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