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Masonry, earthworks, and architectural elements are the backbone of a successful landscape design. These elements are the human addition to the natural features of your site and should be carefully composed and expertly installed to harmonize your surroundings.


Since the origin of our species, humans have used stone to shape our environment.  We celebrate this foundational aspect of stone in the landscape, using it to create durable and distinctive outdoor living spaces like patios, walls, paths, steps, seats, fire and water features, rockeries, and sculptural elements.

We can source and install a wide array of choice stone and hardscaping materials for your landscape, and our Hardscaping Team is highly skilled in masonry fabrication and installation.  Our sensitive approach to hardscaping minimizes site disturbance and highlights the natural beauty of the stone itself.


Creating space in the landscape often requires excavation, grading, and alteration of existing features.  Our skilled equipment operators bring the sensitivity necessary for tree planting and delicate masonry installations to all of our work, including grading.  The result is landscapes that look completely natural, nurturing healthy plant communities.

We also strive to integrate the often-overlooked elements of passive water management and healthy soil profiles into all of our excavation and grading jobs, enabling a long-term reduction in landscape maintenance needs.


We work closely with our clients to source and install the appropriate hardscaping Landscape.  We work with many unique types of stone, including:

  • Bluestone
  • Granite
  • Goshen (Schist)
  • Quartzite
  • Native fieldstone
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Ornamental and functional aggregates
  • Reclaimed architectural stone

Our Hardscaping Team works to highlight the natural character of each material, and will happily source or fabricate specialty materials to suit our clients’ needs.

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