Our highly trained team has decades of experience in all areas of Landscape Construction, from management of large crews to the most detailed finish work.

Nature Works provides highly customized results, utilizing a network of specialized artisans and contractors to turn your unique plan into a reality.


  • Landscape Design
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  • Landscape Maintenance

Your landscape is an extension of your home.  We work to make sure it is safe and free from chemicals, naturally abundant, and in tune with nature.

Nature Works Organic Land Care uses OMRI-Listed Organic Products and ecologically-sensitive design, installation, and maintenance practices to reveal the natural beauty and build resilience into your new or existing landscape.         

  • Why Organic?
  • Ecological Landscape Construction
  • Only the Best Plants & Products

Nature Works Organic Land care is a leader in all-Organic Lawn Care.  

We are proud to offer a safe and effective alternative to conventional, chemically-based lawn care programs.  


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  • Cultural practices
water feature bluestone patio cut and fit irregular black river rocks stewartia pseudo camellia cheng concrete

Masonry, earthworks, and architectural elements are the backbone of a successful landscape design.  

These elements are the human addition to the natural features of your site, and should be carefully composed and expertly installed to harmonize your surroundings.

  • Stone
  • Landform
  • Palette

Whether designing formal features, casual outdoor living spaces, or natural plantings, we love designing distinctive landscapes for our clients.

  • Plan For Success
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  • Landscape Consultation

We believe that everyone should enjoy the unparalleled taste, pride, and satisfaction that food grown at home can bring. Join the Yard-To-Table movement with your own organic food system! Nature Works Organic Land Care will set you up and get you growing with:

-Raised Bed vegetable gardens and berry patches

-Fruit and nut trees

-Beautiful and diverse edible plants in your existing landscape

Our all-organic approach includes the careful design, siting, and combination of edible plants to ensure that your landscape can produce food while looking great.  We focus on building soil health, choosing the right plants for the right place, and maintaining optimum plant structure to create incredible, yard-to-table experiences for our clients.

  • Raised Bed Gardens
  • Fruit and Berries
  • Orchard and Fruit Tree Pruning

We believe that eons of evolution are the best guide to choosing resilient, beautiful, and interesting plants for your landscape.  Native perennials, trees, and shrubs offer a unique opportunity to work with plants ideally suited to our climate and soils.  Incorporating native plants into your landscape also creates habitat for insects, birds, animals, and other plants that form the distinctive living communities that make New England so beautiful.

  • Meadows and Understory
  • Restoration & Conservation