Bringing Life to your Landscape — Naturally.Our Approach

Working with Nature

Ecological landscape management creates harmonious, inviting spaces for all living things, and a living landscape offers interest year-round.  There’s no reason why your landscape shouldn’t be as attractive to pollinators, birds, and animals as it is to you.

Why Ecological Land Care?

Fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides used in conventional landscaping have been linked to serious and chronic health problems, and exposure is highest for children and pets.  Chemicals inevitably migrate from your lawn and garden into your home.  Eliminates the risk of exposure to persistent, toxic chemicals from your landscape by choosing Ecological Land Care.

Environmentally-sensitive methods and products build your soil into a thriving, fertile ecology. Naturally balanced soils grow vigorous, resilient plants, reducing the need for watering, fertilizing, and pest control. Healthy plants will reduce on-going costs in your landscape and provide years of enjoyment.

Ecological Landscape Construction

“Ecological Landscape Construction” is much more than just utilizing environmentally-sensitive products and services.  It is a dynamic approach to landscaping that works with nature, instead of against it.

With every project, we are constructing new opportunities for nature to reveal the beauty and diversity possible in a well-designed living system.

Ecological Landscape Construction is a holistic approach that involves careful site observation, thorough planning, appropriate choice of materials, and integrating form and function into a pleasing, evolving, and healthy landscape that can provide many years of satisfaction.

Only the Best Plants & Products

We are passionate about plants, from the smallest ground cover to the largest trees.  Our Landscape Design Team prides itself on selecting and sourcing the highest-quality plants, and Nature Works Land Care is proud to offer an industry-leading 2-year Plant Material Guarantee.

We will work with you to find the right plants for the right location, function, and form that your landscape requires.  Our Landscape Design Team draws upon diverse backgrounds and design styles, integrating a wide palette of beautiful perennials, shrubs, and trees into truly unique landscapes for our clients.

Nature Works is proud to use and distribute a complete line of the highest-quality bulk materials (composts, soils, and mulches) as well as organic fertilizers and plant care products. Learn more about our complete line of products can be found here.

Liquid Fertilizer Program

All Lawn Programs receive our custom blend of organic lawn fertilizer four times a year, tuned to the season and plant nutrition needs.

Lawn & Landscape Assessment

At every visit, our Organic Land Care Specialists will assess the health of your Lawn & Landscape, report progress, and make recommendations.

Core Aeration

Oxygenating the root zone of your turf is key to vigor ous growth and rebound after compaction.

Compost Top-Dressing

Compost builds soil structure and feeds the soil biome, helping to retain water and feed your turf.

Eco-Blend Overseeding

We tailor our seed blends to produce dense, resilient grass communities that withstand stress.

pH & Trace Minerals

We test soil pH at every visit, and adjust with natural mineral blends for optimal growth conditions.

Weed Control

We offer a variety of weed management options, from manual removal to selective organic products.

De-Thatching & Clean-Up

Annually removing dead grass (thatch) and repairing winter damage keeps your lawn looking fresh.

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