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Nature as Partner

We believe that eons of evolution are the best guide to choosing resilient, beautiful, and interesting plants for your landscape.  Native perennials, trees, and shrubs offer a unique opportunity to work with plants ideally suited to our climate and soils.  Incorporating native plants into your landscape also creates habitat for insects, birds, animals, and other plants that form the distinctive living communities that make New England so beautiful.

The Nature Works Design Team is adept at combining native plants and trees with non-native species and cultivars that work well together.  We avoid invasive and expansive plants, but choose wisely to utilize a wide palette of plants from around the world, creating plant compositions of native and non-native plants that support each other both aesthetically and functionally.

Meadows & Understory

There are countless ways to add depth and interest to your landscape with native plants.  While Nature Works offers Organic Lawn Care Programs, we also advise our clients to consider reducing mowed lawn and installing meadows as a functional way to reduce maintenance costs while restoring the natural functions of your site.

Whether installing meadows by cuttings, plugs, containerized plants or seed mixes, our Design Team can create stunning natural meadows that harmonize with your home, existing landscaping, and native plant communities onsite.

Woodland borders and forest understories are often overlooked as prime garden spots, but many beautiful native plants have evolved to grow best in these areas.  Whether installing a screening planting or managing invasive plants in a forest understory, we believe that restoring function and beauty to your landscape with natives is always a wise choice.

Restoration and Conservation

Many clients come to us needing to design a landscape that is under the jurisdiction of with their local Conservation Commission.  Over the years, we have worked with environmental engineers and represented our clients to Town and State officials throughout the process of Landscape remediation and restoration plantings.  Our ecologically-sensitive approach and specialized equipment and supply chains allow us to turn existing landscape damage into beautiful, impactful landscape installations.

We have permitted and successfully completed detention basins, pond restorations, drainage projects, wetland plantings, and erosion control projects.

Additionally, we work with a network of talented arborists to oversee and ensure environmentally-sensitive land clearing and logging jobs, and are able to assist with planning, oversight, clean-up and re-planting.

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