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Preparing Your Yard For Unpredictable Winters

As winter approaches, we prepare plants for the cold. Generations of gardeners have added a light layer of mulch to protect less hardy species during the colder months. Climate change brings increasingly unpredictable weather––frequent thaws, frigid lows, min-springtimes in January––and gardens are up against new threats. A bit of mulch on a few plants just...

To Rake or Not to Rake?

Jumping into a colorful pile of freshly raked leaves is the essence of autumn in New England—but all that raking (or leaf-blowing) of your lawn might not actually be the best idea. In fact, we’d venture to say that your entire fall gardening tradition should probably entail a lot less leaf cleanup. Shocked? It’s not...

7 Trees for Adding Spectacular Fall Color to Your Home Landscape

By Robin Catalano​ We’re fortunate to live in an area of the country that’s treated to a fireworks-spectacular change of color every fall. If you enjoy autumn colors as much as we do, the timing is perfect for incorporating more of them into your home landscape. With soil temperatures remaining warm but air temperatures cooling...

Fall Clean-Up

By Hannah Van Sickle Already dreading winter and the piles of snow that will inevitably accumulate in the coming months? Tackling a fall to-do list between now and the end of November–the kind professional landscapers employ to prepare their own outdoor living space for winter–is the smartest and easiest way to ensure your landscape is...

The Katsura Tree: A Bold, Sweet Beauty

The season is changing. Walking around nature you may notice a sweet fragrance in the air. Most likely you are standing near a Katsura Tree. Its scent is commonly compared to that of cotton candy or brown sugar and is emitted as its leaves yellow and drop to the ground in the Fall. When my...

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