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Your 5 Dos & Don’ts of Winter Land Care

In February, the green of summer can feel impossibly far away—sipping cocoa by the fire is more on the mind than preparing the yard for next season. But there’s no need to wait ‘til spring to lay the groundwork for a fantastic summer landscape! Here are some practical wintertime land care tips to get you...

4 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Fruit Trees for Winter

Winter may seem like the sleepy season for landscaping and gardening, but that’s not entirely true. Your most sensitive trees can benefit tremendously from a little cold weather TLC. For fruit trees especially, proper winter maintenance is just as important as springtime care. Here’s how we recommend preparing your fruit trees for winter… Step 1:...

How to Get Your Precious Veggie Bed Ready for Winter

This year, newly constructed raised bed gardens popped up throughout the spring as people rediscovered their love for gardening. But now that winter is coming, we want to make sure all your hard work keeps paying dividends for years to come. With that in mind, here are a few important steps to take to ensure...

Preparing Your Yard for a Big Winter!

If recent weather patterns are any indication, we’re gonna be getting some real snow this winter here in the Berkshires. Despite having our first big snowfall of the season, there’s still time to prepare your yard to avoid damage from animals and the elements, alike. Settle Snowfall Fears Your hydrangea blossoms may be the envy...

In Like a Lion

It’s a winter wonderland… still. Keep your mind on spring though! All this fluffy and deep snow will actually help insulate the ground, keeping it from freezing deeper. Also, it protects delicate plants from damaging freeze and thaw cycles, that we seem to see more and more of recently. Providing trace amounts of nitrogen for...

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