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Preparing Your Yard For Unpredictable Winters

As winter approaches, we prepare plants for the cold. Generations of gardeners have added a light layer of mulch to protect less hardy species during the colder months. Climate change brings increasingly unpredictable weather––frequent thaws, frigid lows, min-springtimes in January––and gardens are up against new threats. A bit of mulch on a few plants just...

4 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Fruit Trees for Winter

Winter may seem like the sleepy season for landscaping and gardening, but that’s not entirely true. Your most sensitive trees can benefit tremendously from a little cold weather TLC. For fruit trees especially, proper winter maintenance is just as important as springtime care. Here’s how we recommend preparing your fruit trees for winter… Step 1:...

Conscientious Pruning

The key to pruning, with the wellbeing of plant and people in mind, is both perceptive and insightful observation. Identifying the orientation of a crabapple, for instance, and understanding the importance of a north facing leader; as the plants typical behavior would be to have the most prolific growth reaching for the south or south...

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