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Sustainable Drainage and Irrigation

In early spring, water abounds. Melting snow, dripping icicles, and rainstorms turn what was recently solid ground into a muddy sponge. Here at Nature Works Land Care, we welcome the wet season and all it brings. But muck and runoff can be costly––even dangerous––when not managed properly. WHAT IS WATER MANAGEMENT? On a municipal level,...

Planting for Pollinators

Ah, springtime in the northeast. Finally. The trees are budding, birds are chirping, the air is crisp and sweet—and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a buzzing little bee flitting about in all the fresh bloomage. For bees, it’s officially the start of their busy season—time to pollinate. Bees are invaluable to local plant life—one bee...


By Hannah Van Sickle The recent prevalence of fine, yellow dust coating everything in sight from cars to countertops—pollen from the native white pine—is a not so welcome reminder that June is National Pollinator Month. Bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles (just to name a few) are all pollinators that positively affect our lives; in...

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