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Sustainable Drainage and Irrigation

In early spring, water abounds. Melting snow, dripping icicles, and rainstorms turn what was recently solid ground into a muddy sponge. Here at Nature Works Land Care, we welcome the wet season and all it brings. But muck and runoff can be costly––even dangerous––when not managed properly. WHAT IS WATER MANAGEMENT? On a municipal level,...

5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Gathering Space 

 So you’ve decided to create an outdoor gathering space? Wahoo! What better way to celebrate the landscape than by spending time in your yard?   Now what?   There’s lots to consider when setting up your plein-air retreat, but don’t worry; we’ve come up with a list of things to keep in mind while planning,...

Your 5 Dos & Don’ts of Winter Land Care

In February, the green of summer can feel impossibly far away—sipping cocoa by the fire is more on the mind than preparing the yard for next season. But there’s no need to wait ‘til spring to lay the groundwork for a fantastic summer landscape! Here are some practical wintertime land care tips to get you...

4 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Fruit Trees for Winter

Winter may seem like the sleepy season for landscaping and gardening, but that’s not entirely true. Your most sensitive trees can benefit tremendously from a little cold weather TLC. For fruit trees especially, proper winter maintenance is just as important as springtime care. Here’s how we recommend preparing your fruit trees for winter… Step 1:...

When Choosing Plants, Go Native

What do popular landscaping plants like Japanese maple, forsythia bushes, and English ivy have in common? They’re pretty–and none of them are native to North America. While filling your yard with non-native plants might not sound like a big deal at first, it’s a choice that can have a significant ripple effect on your greater...

To Rake or Not to Rake?

Jumping into a colorful pile of freshly raked leaves is the essence of autumn in New England—but all that raking (or leaf-blowing) of your lawn might not actually be the best idea. In fact, we’d venture to say that your entire fall gardening tradition should probably entail a lot less leaf cleanup. Shocked? It’s not...

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