September 26, 2017

Fall has now arrived and as I drink my coffee in the morning I watch squirrels moving around at a frantic pace getting ready for winter.  Like squirrels we to seem to adopt this crazy pace after kids are back in school with their activities and with our mental checklists of items that have to be done before winter.  In the landscape industry plant material becomes more available again so there is this intensity about the season knowing that we have 8-10 more reliable weeks ahead of us to get everything done.

Even though Fall is crazy it is also one of the most beautiful seasons.  I love the drier and cooler days, fewer biting insects and the smell of the forest with the falling leaves.  I think it is so important during this season to “forget” your phone in the house or car and take a mini vacation by walking in the woods or just simply sitting and enjoying a beautiful view and letting the pressure of melt away to reveal to grandeur of our surroundings.  We are so fortunate to live in an area that throngs of people travel to vacation in.  Its so easy to take it for granted.  Lets take the time for a few moments a day to slow down and realize how lucky we are.

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